About Earthware Web Based Map Developers

Earthware helps clients to use emerging mapping technology to create highly visual and engaging experiences to communicate their products and services.

Our Clients

Earthware aims to be different from the run of the mill technology company. We do not see clients as revenue opportunities to be maximised. We are much more interested in how we can work in partnership with our clients to create a real “Wow” experience for their customers to maximise their market opportunities. Don’t take our word for it, please feel free to speak to any of our clients (we can put you in touch if you like).

We have over 50 clients and are proud that to our knowledge we have never lost a client to another developer. We work really hard to deliver to our client promises and have great working relationships by delivering to time, cost and quality expectations (and preferably beyond).

Working with Earthware is a pleasure. They have been absolutely fundamental to the successful launch of NovaLoca and are now part of the furniture. We couldn’t have done it without their help – thank you!

Miranda Munn Managing Director of NovaLoca Ltd

Our Team

Earthware aims to be somewhat different from the average company. We would hope that we offer more than just a job and a pay packet. We try and offer the best working experience we can. How do we do this? Well, we aim to give all our team a voice, show flexibility, offer time and space to innovate, give a fair share of the success and create a sustainable business. Find out more about working at Earthware.

Our Responsibilities

If you work with Earthware you should have confidence that we take a long term view on relationships. This is not just with our team and our clients but also with our wider environment. This is why we support environmentally conscious corporate behaviour – we encourage recycling and car sharing. We also have a commitment to charitable causes of a minimum of 10% of our net profit! We also invest developer hours in charity based projects free of charge.

Charities we have supported include MapAid, Cancer Research UK, and Contact the Elderly. Plus, instead of buying the usual fancy corporate gifts for our clients at Christmas, we have bought mosquito nets, teachers, goats and vaccinations (via World Vision) to be used in poor communities in Africa and bricks (via Urban Saints: Rebuild Mexico) to support the building of new homes for people affected by slum clearances in Mexico.

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Our Client Promises

  1. To care about what you care about
  2. To be open and honest whatever the cost
  3. To deliver on time and on budget
  4. To challenge ourselves to exceed your expectations
  5. To make working with Earthware an enjoyable experience

Client Stories

We have compiled a large array of clients and implemented a wide range of solutions. Whether it be interactive mapping, mapping products, mapping consultancy or mapping training, please take a look at our client stories.

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