How a mapping company was born

I sometimes get asked ‘How did Earthware begin?’ I like telling the story as it shows that a successful business idea can grow out of a personal technology ‘brain fart’! Once upon a time I (Neil Osmond) was working in the pharmaceutical industry running a team of analysts in a ...
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Full UK Postcodes Polygons (mostly Open Data)

OS Code-Point Open The Ordnance Survey provides the GB postcode location data as free to use Code-Point® Open which you can read about here and the exact license terms are here. Which is great, however, you’ll notice that being the GB dataset, you don’t get any of the ...
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Beta testing- is your website ready?

Your brand-spanking new website is finally finished and you’re ready and raring to go-live. How can you be sure it is up to the job until it has been put to the test? The biggest defects, the ones glaring you in the face, have already been sorted out but ...
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Make your own Street View

GoPano Micro A few weeks ago we dispatched a student intern to walk through Norton Common near Earthware’s office, holding a pole with an iPhone and GoPano lens attached to it. Short of being on fire, he couldn’t have drawn more attention to himself. Google Street View is ...
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GPS tracking using a Trimble device

Earlier this summer we had the chance to cycle around London with an expensive, high-accuracy GPS tracker from Trimble. [caption id="attachment_753" align="aligncenter" width="124" caption="Trimble hand held GPS"][/caption] More recently, we had the chance to do something useful with the data we recorded, the result ...
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Geocode your photo, video or any collection using metadata

We’ve just completed an interesting project combining mapping with photos and videos. So if you have a massive digital library of photos that you’ve scanned or taken on a camera without GPS Positioning you can now help your customers search and filter them geographically, using MetaLoc. So how ...
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