• 3D modeling and animation for property, developments and cities
  • Promotional videos
  • Website integration with 3d models and videos on maps
  • Bespoke locality / neighbourhood information

What’s important to your customer?

We believe the two main drivers for consumers are being able to visualise their property, house or city, and what the locality has to offer. 3d mapping can deliver photo realistic 3D virtual models embedded into a web based map in which locality data can be embedded including; bars, restaurants supermarkets, schools, or transport links - essentially any geographic information that is important to your customers.

How do we do it?

Using site plans, artist impressions or architectural drawings, 3d maps deliver photo realistic, 3D visualisations of developments through static models, or promotional videos.

Combined with this are user driven controls and geographic data sets, which allow our 3d maps to deliver a powerful marketing solution for any developments whereby visualisation, and geographic information is a key driver to customers.

Why is 3D mapping different?

3D mapping is a unique combination of state of the art 3d building modeling and geographical mapping. This combination has many advantages over traditional 3d CGI photos and videos:

  1. Models are embedded at their proposed location within 3d maps
  2. Clients can explore developments any way they wish from anywhere in the world
  3. Local area and neighbourhood information can be shown alongside 3d models delivering a complete experience
  4. Models can still be presented as images, videos, dvd's and pdf’s but now with the highest detail aerial imagery

For more information, please visit our blog articles on 3D mapping or contact us to find out more about how you might create amazing 3D mapping experiences.

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