What Products and Services do we offer?

Earthware uses the very latest mapping technology to create highly visual and engaging experiences for our clients to communicate their products and services.

Earthware offer a standard web based mapping product for the residential and commercial property market, or we can develop a bespoke mapping solution to meet your requirements. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help with your mapping requirements and see how we have helped existing clients bring their services to life using online maps by reading our Client Stories.


Earthware Property Maps
Property Mapping

Interactive website maps for residential estate agents and commercial property companies.
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Mapping Solutions

Bespoke Property Maps
Bespoke Map Implementations

Our global reputation for being "mapping" experts is based on our knowledge of, and ability to develop with, the leading mapping API’s
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Avimap Silverlight Mapping
Avimap combines cutting edge mapping technology and high definition aerial video footage to produce an experience that allows the user to explore locations in a smooth "movie like" way.
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Mapping Consultancy
Mapping Consultancy

Earthware has deep expertise in online mapping and we are used by clients as web mapping consultants to to help explore how to get the best out of online mapping
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Travel Mapping
Travel Mapping

How Can Web Based Mapping Help Sell Holidays?
Interactive website travel mapping can be used to bring your destinations and accommodation to life, enabling clients to start experiencing everything a destination has to offer before they even book their holiday.
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3D Mapping
3D Mapping

3D mapping is a unique combination of state of the art 3D building modelling and geographical mapping put together to create amazing immersive 3D experiences
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Mapping Training
Mapping Training for Developers

Earthware specialises in online interactive mapping and we are keen to share this with other mapping developers
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Other Map Services

Aerial Imagery
Bird's Eye and Aerial Imagery

New aerial and Bird’s Eye imagery is released every month. Earthware offers you the opportunity to purchase aerial image sets of any building or area covered with Bird’s Eye views in the UK
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Street Side
Street Side View

There are four suppliers of ‘Street View’ imagery. A little known fact is that Earthware were the first to launch a street view product in the UK, a full four months before Google!
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Photosynth was developed by Microsoft Live Labs and the University of Washington and Earthware was one of the first to integrate the photosynth technology into a commercial website.
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Panoramic Tours
Panoramic Tours

Show the interiors and exteriors of your property, hotel or office to potential clients anywhere in the world using our panoramic virtual tour solutions
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