Get yourself / your logo on Microsoft Virtual Earth Aerial Imagery tomorrow morning in the UK!

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
31 Mar 2009
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UPDATED: If you hadn't realised already its APRIL FOOLS today! But seriously if you are interested in getting your own real, or photo-shopped (like our demo), imagery added on top of virtual earth just for your website please contact us for details.

We have found out from our sources at Microsoft UK that tomorrow between 9-12am you can get yourself, or your company logo snapped on the aerial imagery for 10 major UK cities! If you can get a logo for your company displayed in a car park or on a rooftop you can get free advertising for your brand, or even better still get the whole company out in the car park and all look up.

Here is our offices from last year when we also received flight plan information in advance:

We will know more detail about the exact flight plans early tomorrow morning for the following cities:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Norwich
  • Leeds
  • Coventry
  • Reading (no surprise Microsoft UK are based here!)

If you want to find out exactly when they will be flying over you please email us for details. Microsoft have done similar campaigns before in Austria Australia called “look up and smile” for 2006’s Australia Day.

The images should be added to Virtual Earth within the next 2 months, if you would like to add a map similar to ours above when you imagery becomes available please contact us.

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