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Improve productivity in healthcare with Agile

We’ve helped over 300 pharmaceutical professionals across the globe to understand how applying Agile can help productivity – producing more value for patients and healthcare professionals, faster and cheaper! We run virtual and in-person workshops (using LEGO®!) to train teams in Agile in a fun, engaging way.

Why Agile?

We have delivered hundreds of projects using Agile values and principles across many pharmaceutical companies, countries and projects. As well as unique training workshops, we provide tailored Agile coaching. 

We are a thought leader in Agile ways of working for the pharmaceutical industry. Our training is now offered as a British Healthcare Business Information Association (BHBIA) training course, winning the Ian Burgess Training Award 2019–2021. We have also been published several times with opinion pieces on Agile in pharma.

  • 6-hour, interactive training (in person with LEGO® or online)
  • Bespoke coaching for project teams
  • Proven productivity gains of up to 50%

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Implementing Agile in pharma

Article | Implementing Agile in pharma

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