Take your E-detail interactivity to the next level with augmented reality

E-details are becoming the norm, everyone has one or is in the process of creating one. So, how can you stand out and be memorable? How can you interest your customer in an immersive way and get full engagement? Augmented reality can be your answer for E-detail interactivity with a bang. We call these AR-details.

Why AR and why now?

AR can increase user engagement, knowledge retention and emotional connection compared with other, non-AR experiences.

Society’s awareness of AR and VR has rapidly increased over the last 12 months due to investments in a future metaverse. Improvements in technology now allow AR experiences in browsers with no app downloads, removing barriers.

AR experiences will make your content stand out and be the thing healthcare professionals and patients remember. Drop us a message and we'll send you our demo experience.

  • Engaging, interactive, immersive 3D content that can be personalised and tailored
  • Improves knowledge retention
  • Can be self-led or presented
  • Integration with Veeva, CRM, approved emails and more
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