Omnichannel strategy & planning

Connected brand experiences that optimise your channel mix

Our workshops, processes and tools help you create omnichannel strategies and tactics, underpinned by realistic, measurable KPIs. We help you drive behavioural change by maximising every touchpoint healthcare professionals and patients have with your brand.

Why? ...

... because the right omnichannel strategy amplifies the impact of each tactic

The omnichannel challenge

Our omnichannel challenge is structured in five phases, which form a series of weekly workshops. We take you from “Why?” to a three-year, executable omnichannel plan.

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Deeply understand the problems of your patients and healthcare professionals and position your brand at the heart of the solution.
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Develop innovative digital solutions and engaging content that solve the highest priority problems for your customers.
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Establish clear KPIs and evaluate the ROI of your solutions over 3-month, 12-month and 3-year plans to maximise impact.
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