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People want instant answers, anywhere, anytime. Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer users’ questions quickly and effectively. We have led the way in healthcare, developing the first pharmaceutical brand chatbots for healthcare professionals and patients in the UK. Using fully compliant, approved answers, our chatbots can free up the time of medical information teams and handle enquiries any time of day or night.

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Our chatbots

We brought chatbot technology to the pharmaceutical industry in 2018 by launching the first healthcare professional chatbot and the first patient chatbot on a branded pharmaceutical website. We also created the first pharmaceutical online advertisement to contain an embedded chatbot. And we won awards for all three! 

We’ve built our own chatbot content management system, Chatboss®. With Chatboss®, healthcare companies can quickly and cost effectively launch and control their chatbots whilst ensuring compliance. A chatbot can save time and money, and improve efficiency by publishing updates instantaneously, anytime.

  • Answers anywhere, anytime
  • Frees up time answering enquiries
  • Gives instant responses
  • Gathers customer insights
  • Enables confident compliance

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Why chatbots will become commonplace in pharma by 2025

Whitepaper | Why chatbots will become commonplace in pharma by 2025

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