Deliver engaging promotional content through interactive eDetails

Whether delivered by a sales representative through Veeva, Agnitio or OCE, or accessed by healthcare professionals through Veeva Engage for portals, we create engaging, interactive eDetails that drive behaviour change.

Drive behaviour change

eDetails remain the staple of most promotional campaigns. Many platforms such as Veeva, Agnitio and OCE allow eDetails to be highly engaging and interactive. We can help you use this ability and steer away from flat, lifeless presentations, or even worse, interactive pdfs that offer no tracking and are clunky to use.  

Our eDetails provide a customised experience for healthcare professionals and drive behaviour change whilst feeding valuable data back to you to inform campaign refinement. Our eDetail CMS, eWizard, allows full flexibility for pharma teams to create and edit materials.

  • Engaging, interactive content, personalised to individual HCPs
  • Veeva CLM, Agnitio and OCE platform support
  • Self-led eDetails including Veeva Engage for Portals
  • Integration with CRM, approved email and other channels
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