The omnichannel brand challenge

We can create all the elements for a successful digital-first brand strategy and plan.

The omnichannel brand challenge is designed to set brands up for success, focus on outcomes and maximise resource. What we do is help you pursue a tried and tested approach to maximising the engagement and positive behaviour of your chosen audience. We will help you gain clarity on customer segments that will give you the greatest opportunity, the problems you have chosen to solve and the solutions, content and channels you will deploy to maximise customer engagement.

Why take on the challenge?

The traditional model of a “rep first” launch has become outdated and impractical. However, a digital-only approach is often not the best alternative either. Instead, think digital first. A digital-first strategy offers the best opportunity to access broad audiences with tailored content. 

We use our know-how from building high engagement, business critical solutions for Microsoft, Skype, Financial Times, etc, to maximise positive customer experiences, rather than just build nice looking websites with low levels of traffic.

  • Weekly workshops with homework in between
  • Explores customers, their problems, your solutions, channel optimisation and return on investment
  • Delivers a prioritised digital plan for 3 months, 12 months or 3 years
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