Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) for Omnichannel

How to optimise your spend across assets and channels to maximise brand success

For so many companies, budgets are about spending, not investing. Brand impact is often seen as too hard to estimate to make investment decisions rather than spending budgets. We believe that through clever modelling, it is possible to make reasonable estimates that can inform your decisions as to where to invest your budgets and what you should expect as a result.

Why build ROI models?

Using analytical methods, we can value a customer touchpoint for different channels and assets and attribute a brand value for different customer experiences. By comparing this to the costs over a reasonable investment period, you can compare the likely ROI for e.g. a website versus an app, a KAM versus a meeting series, or a third party promotion versus owned asset promotion. Through building a model specific to your brand, you can play out different scenarios and optimise your advertising and promotion mix over the period of a plan.

  • Analytically rigorous, brand-bespoke model that enables scenarios and optimisation
  • Generates a ROI curve related to customer touchpoint targets
  • Helps to develop a set of success KPIs to be monitored to track success
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