3 tips for Lockdown 3

Richard Long
Richard Long
5 Jan 2021
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So Monday 4th January was not only the first day back at work for most of us after a lengthy break (boo!), but here in the UK, Boris decided to announce Lockdown 3.0 in the evening too (double boo!). Like the first Monday back from the festive holiday wasn’t bad enough…

So while it’s easy to get lost in the negativity of the double whammy, I thought it’d be useful to resurrect some things that worked well for me in 2020. Of course, everyone’s circumstances will be different (we’re all in the same storm, albeit not the same boats) so these are just my favourite ways to help strike a balance and look after my own well-being through these strangest of times.

Breaking up the day

Taking time to have a lunch break and going for a walk around the town gives me my daily exercise quota. The break helps focus my mind and get out of the minutia which can take over my day.


Turning the TV off

Weekend TV watching is…well, just easy. I give myself a limit and then try and do something else. Read a book, listen to music, bake, clear out … doing something to get moving and get away from rolling news.

Switch off TV - remote control

Invest in yourself

I try and flip the psychology of my newly found extra time. Hands up; I struggle with this one a little bit. Basically, I try and focus on investing in myself. “Investing” doesn’t just mean work … I check in on an elderly neighbour and make sure she has milk, return to my long forgotten hobby of collecting vinyl or even look to improve my sleep with more exercise on the stationary bike. Your ‘investment’ can be as large (or small) as you need it to be.


So, whilst giving an outline of 3 things that work for me, one thing I probably won’t be doing is Dry January. For me, at least, that would be a step too far … (?)

Let us know what worked well for you from the previous lockdowns or what you’ll be doing differently this time around.

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