3D Innovation for the new year.

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
10 Jan 2008
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Hi Guys, its been a little while since I last Blogged so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a happy a new year. What follows is a few of our latest offerings, with one more to follow once I have finished it hopefully later today but as someone is coming in to pull down a wall in the office tomorrow I'm not sure I'm gonna get there in time!

Also a quick welcome to anyone coming through to us from 3Dvia. Somehow my work has ended up on the homepage so that makes this post long over due for some of you.

Anyway here goes:


Earthware Tower

This video demonstrates the Earthware tower which allows the user to view the inside as well as the outside of a building in Google Earth. This is the first product aimed at developers of large residential buildings with complicated features. The video outlines the main selling points and a few new features of this style of 3D model. Below is the link to download the Google Earth file so that you can have a play yourself!

Download Earthware Tower for Google Earth


Earthware Superstore

As with all these videos please excuse all the rubbish music. If it were up to me it would be something a little be more cool and a lot less cliché but we don't want to have to pay royalties so my choice was limited!

Anyway this video shows Earthware superstore a fictional out of town shopping centre or depot style building. This to has a simple interior to show the scope of what is becoming possible with Google Earth and will hopefully be possible with virtual earth very soon.

If your interested in commercial property please check out which has a working example of Earthware's advanced mapping and where hopefully 3D buildings will become a common place feature of the search once Microsoft has developed their tool kit a bit further.

Download Earthware Superstore for Google Earth


As usual we would love your feedback on these items using the comments below, or if you have any business propositions then please contact us.


Chris Jackson
Multimedia Developer

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