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Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
25 Oct 2007
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Adobe have recently released Acrobat 3D Version 8. This new version of Acrobat gives the user the opportunity to embed a variety of different media types into a PDF document which can then be read by anyone with the free adobe reader software.

Here at Earthware we have jumped at the chance to embed some of our 3D models into this new medium and see what it is capable of. to do this I have taken a fictional building and created a property brochure page around it.

Acrobat has the ability to capture CAD files simply by opening your 3D file in the program it was made in and using the print screen button to capture it while the 3D feature in acrobat is running in the background.

To embed directly into an existing PDF is just as easy.

All you need to do is choose the 3d tool in the tools menu and then draw a marquee in the place you want your model to appear.

acrobat 1

Once this is done a capture options menu appears with basic field parameters for the import. After selecting your options you are required to go to your 3D package, load your model and press print screen.

acrobat 2

Once print screen has been completed go back to acrobat, the OK button at the bottom of the capture tab will be activated and you press ok.

The model will load in and then be active within the marquee you placed earlier. note that you will need to select the hand tool to activate the 3D navigation panel

Download our prototype and have a go with the 3D window, you will need the latest version of the free adobe acrobat reader. It allows full navigation of the model with the mouse. to activate the tool panel click within the 3D viewer. Also note that acrobat does not show all the textures at the same time, presumably to minimize memory usage although I am working on finding a fix for this

acrobat 3

If you need adobe acrobat then click here

To download our prototype click here

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