A day in the life of… an Account Manager

Florence Beaumont
Florence Beaumont
31 Jul 2020
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People typically think of an Account Manager as a very admin heavy role. There is a little bit of admin, but there is also a huge amount of creative, fun and variety, which is what really attracted me to the role. Each day is so different, working across multiple clients and projects really keeps the day fun and exciting – not to forget challenging!

So let’s cover the less exciting (but still important) bits…

A day will definitely include emails, calls, creating projects in internal systems, invoices and chasing for those POs! Although these aren’t the most exciting, they are pivotal for this role and surprisingly satisfying. By doing these tasks, we ensure that everything is aligned not only internally, but for our clients too. For example by tracking hours spent on each project, we can really work out where the client needs more or less support and amend the way we work for them accordingly.

Now for the exciting bits…

Everyone knows at earthware we love to ask Why? And this can throw up some interesting conversations with my clients. Asking Why? allows us to not only have a clearer understanding of what they are trying to achieve, but helps us to really work out how we can get there together.

We also deliver some fantastic workshops, one of which being an Agile workshop. This historically was done face to face, in a room with multiple teams and of course everyone’s favourite, Lego! Now times have changed, we have adapted this to run an online version, and part of the Account Manager role is to facilitate these workshops. Seeing the clients having fun whilst really learning and taking away key learning points is very rewarding.

lego workshop

Another thing people may not realise from an Account Manager role is the great relationships we are able to create. Not just on a work level, but on a personal level too. From spending sometimes 1 or 2 days a week working out of some of my client’s offices, I get to know them really well. This not only helps the projects we are working on, but it allows me to call my clients my friends and makes this job that much more enjoyable.

We are also able to attend industry events, webinars, conferences etc, and sometimes we are lucky enough to travel with our clients! All of these allow us to network more, see what the industry is up to, discover new solutions to help patients, build client relationships further, and have a bit of fun along the way.

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