Businesses Are Losing Out On Search Engine Opportunities

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
16 Feb 2009
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Research by Fasthosts has found that half of UK businesses with a website make no effort to optimise their position on search engines.

When it comes to finding a business consumers are heavily reliant on search engine results and they prefer to use organic (main search results) rather than sponsored (businesses have paid to have them displayed) listings when making a decision on which business they should approach. However, with 17% of UK businesses yet to even submit their website to search engines and 35% of UK businesses making no effort to ensure their website is listed highly in search engine results it is not surprising that consumers are failing to find one in two businesses online: and this is ignoring all those businesses that don’t have a website at all. All these companies are losing out on potentially massive sales opportunities simply because they are not being found by the people that are out there actively looking for them.

The main reasons for this failure to cash in on online opportunities appear to be, that business owners and marketing teams do not understand how search engine results are compiled therefore they cannot see how their actions in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) can influence their website ranking. In addition to this, there appears to be a lot of mis-understanding in regards to the amount of time and the costs involved in SEO.

The Technology Studio has long recognised the need for SEO when it comes to online marketing and making the most of a website. This is why the web development team ensure all websites they build are done so in an SEO friendly way. But you don’t need a whole new site to improve your search engine listing positions. Simple tweaks to your existing website such as making sure the content on your site is up to date, relevant, and contains keywords that your customers are searching with will make a huge difference to your online presence. The Technology Studio can make suggestions which you can then easily implement in-house as part of your company’s on-going marketing strategy.

Commercial property search engine, NovaLoca is just one company that has already benefited from making some simple changes. Read their story here and if you want to find out more about Search Engine Optimisation and how you can improve your ranking, contact The Technology Studio.

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