Commercial Property - Using Prezi to present our credentials

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
12 Jan 2011
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As we have previously mentioned (throughout our site) is that we know a bit about commercial property in the UK.  With NovaLoca being one of our websites and having grown from being nothing to the second biggest commercial property search engine in the UK with nearly 100,000 visitors a month in three and a half years.  We have also recently developed the NovaLoca iphone app and have other apps and projects in the pipeline.

We also like using cool new technology and so rather than “Death by Powerpoint” we decided to put a credentials presentation together using something we were recommended (Thanks Nick Merryfield) called Prezi (  While it takes significantly longer to put together the content we really like the impact when we use it.  I then noticed we might be able to embed it in our blog and so I thought I would have a go (I am not a techie at all).

See the results of our commercial property technology and website credentials in the Prezi presentation below.

If you would like to chat through any of our client stories and see if we might be able to help drive your commercial property business through technology then please get in touch.



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