Confidence in the Code

Rachel Shelley
Rachel Shelley
24 Feb 2021
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The ABPI Code of Practice has shaped the UK pharmaceutical industry since its launch in 1958, by helping everyone working in the sector operate in a professional, ethical and transparent manner.

It’s currently being updated - the new look, and more user-friendly ABPI Code of Practice is to be published imminently and become operational later this year. As an agency working at the forefront of digital innovations for pharma and healthcare companies, complying with the code is an expectation, a commitment and quite simply, part of our mindset.

So, ahead of the new changes, and to support our growing team, we have just signed an agreement with the Compliance Hub to help us continue delivering to this standard, both while the new changes are delivered in 2021 and for all the years to come.

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Through their Agency Recognition and Training Scheme (ARTS) we will have access to on-demand training and support from established compliance specialists.

And membership comes with a shiny new badge so that our clients can be see that we have compliance for their new digital solution covered!

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