Creating your first building in Virtual Earth 6

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
16 Oct 2007
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UPDATE: Earthware’s Vscapes product now offers 3d Building developments for our clients in Virtual Earth and Google Earth. For more details see our Vscapes virtual landscapes page for details and client stories.

As promised we have put together a quick video tutorial for creating your first building in Virtual Earth 6. To get started building for yourself you will need to install the new virtual earth 3d plugin and the 3d authoring tool. Both of these are installed by visiting and clicking on the 3d mode button to install the plugin, and click the "collections | add 3d model" menu to install the 3d authoring tool.

Once you have both installed you are ready to start, zoom the 3d map on to the location of your building and click "collections | add 3d model". This will open the 3d tool and import the aerial imagery from your chosen location.

Enough talking here is the video tutorial.

We will be working on some further tutorial covering more advanced features once we have had more of a play with the new functionality.

UPDATE: Thanks to Simon @ Microsoft for pointing out that if you click the middle mouse button on your model you can set the pivot point. This improves the navigation drastically, but as soon as you pan or zoom you need to re-center again, would be extra nice if it actually stated fixed to the model.

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