Earthware creates Microsoft Eos Generali on behalf of 3DVia

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
15 Apr 2008
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<p style="display: inline; margin: 0px; padding: 0px" id="a9f26831-cc97-4ae8-b6cd-60ac71be93b0"><a target="_new" href=";ifs=true&amp;fr=msnvideo&amp;mkt=en-GB&amp;brand=&amp;from=writer"><img 364\??="364\??" 432\??="432\??" c="v&amp;v=6f5e07e1-bc42-44c0-addb-529b6de1e7d7&amp;ifs=true&amp;fr=msnvideo&amp;mkt=en-GB&amp;brand=&amp;from=writer\" flashvars="\" getflashplayer\??="getflashplayer\??" go="go""" http:="http:" pluginspage="\" x-shockwave-flash\??="x-shockwave-flash\??" application="application" transparent\??="transparent\??" wmode="\" high\??="high\??" quality="\" galleryimg="no" type="\" onload="var downlevelDiv = document.getElementById('a9f26831-cc97-4ae8-b6cd-60ac71be93b0'); downlevelDiv.innerHTML = " width="\" src="" height="\" /></a></p> This project involved the creation of a proposed building the <a href="">Eos Generali</a> in the heart of the Paris business district for a Microsoft presentation also in Paris.

The video that appears above was created by the lads at <a href="">3DVia</a> to show off the tools at their disposal and also the look of the environment in and around this new business development. Earthware worked on 9 models in total each of which can be seen in this video.

Each model was created in <a href="">Shape</a> and then imported to a collection in <a href="">Virtual Earth</a>. If you would like to see the results and browse around the 3D models for yourself then please click <a href=";v=2&amp;cid=EFB858D1292F0C22!1267&amp;encType=1">here</a>.

This was a real coupe for Earthware and it was also a pleasure working with Marc at <a href="">3DVia</a> over in the states. We predict big things for the <a href="">3DVia</a>-<a href="">Virtual Earth</a> partnership and are eagerly awaiting the next release of their <a href="">Shape</a> modelling tool.

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