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Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
20 May 2011
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Ok – so it It might be a slight over exaggeration to say that we are famous but we have been on TV. Or at least a piece of our work has!

If you follow our The Technology Studio blog you may be familiar with our Kinect hack that turned a Puffersphere spherical display into a scary eyeball that follows you around the room.

The Sci-fi geek in us then turned this into the Eye of Sauron and suddenly we had a YouTube sensation on our hands.

Half a million views later and we were offered a space at The Gadget Show Live to show off our wares by the nice people at Channels 5’s The Gadget Show.

eye on the stand

Whilst scary tracking eyeballs are good fun (and kind of cool) we also think the Puffersphere is a fantastic medium for displaying more serious content like global statistics. With this in mind we set about warping the video of our Earthquake sequence map to demonstrate the seismic activity leading up to the devastating Japan earthquakes earlier this year. It made for fascinating viewing and the Producers of the Gadget Show thought so to – hence the appearance of The Puffersphere featuring our Earthquake sequencing video on 9th May. You can view our 30 seconds of fame on a clip of the show featured on the Gadget Show website.

Thanks to the guys at Pufferfish for freeing up a sphere for us to play on and thanks to The Gadget Show for the invite into the studio - we hope we didn’t embarrass ourselves with our star struck behaviour around Suzy Perry!!

Please send any ideas for future Puffersphere concepts to

UPDATE: For those who have asked about purchasing your own....

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