Earthware presents to Multimap migration clients interested in Bing Maps

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
9 Mar 2011
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Yesterday, we were delighted to be invited to present at a workshop event held at Microsoft’s Victoria offices in London to an audience of approximately 60 people who were interested in exploring how Bing Maps can help them drive their business results.

The audience was a good mix of technical and non technical people representing many industries and specialisms with many of them looking at how to manage a migration from the Multimap APIs and MapPoint Web Services to services and APIs offered by Bing Maps.

We really hoped that the day would both demonstrate some of the “art of the possible” in mapping but also allow plenty of time for individual companies to ask specific questions and explore the challenges specific to their own situation.

The speakers included:

Steve Frost (Microsott) - Chair

Idit Gazit-Berger (Microsoft) – Introducing Bing Maps

Johannes Kebeck (Microsoft) – Integrating Bing Maps

Rod Plummer (Shoothill) – Getting the best out of Bing Maps

Neil Osmond & Brian Norman (Earthware) & Miranda Munn (NovaLoca)

- The Art of the Possible in Bing Maps

Mark Finch (Grey Matter) – Licensing

Philip Bull (Microsoft) – Bing Maps and Windows Azure

Alex Montgomery and Hayley Bass (Microsoft) – Bing Maps and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In our session we were delighted to be joined by Miranda Munn, Founder and MD of NovaLoca (one of our most successful clients) who demonstrated how we had helped her use mapping to drive her business at multiple stages of its growth.  We were also delighted to be able to demo the new NovaLoca Windows Phone 7 app that we have developed that is due for release very soon.

In case you would be interested, we wanted to share the slides and the links (most images are links) on our blog.  Please see below for the slides:

Presentation on 8th March 2011 on Multimap & Bing Maps
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