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Rachel Shelley
Rachel Shelley
24 Nov 2021
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It's just 30 days until Christmas and we're kicking off another virtual Christmas race!

Last year we walked, ran and cycled 2156km to Lapland to raise money for the life-saving suicide prevention charity PAPYRUS.

This year it's all about the planet. We're going to race as far as we can around the world in the 30 days until Christmas eve. For every kilometre we walk, run and cycle as a team, we will plant 1 tree and offset 0.1 tonnes of carbon through Ecologi. We're going around the world, for the world!

As well as helping the earth, it's a great way to encourage our team to be active during the colder months and spread some Christmas spirit!

Track our progress here and keep an eye on our twitter and LinkedIn to see how we do!

You can also support us and the planet by visiting our Ecologi page and gifting more impact.

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