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Camryn Whitney
Camryn Whitney
2 Nov 2022
Pharma talking head video

Video marketing showcases visual storytelling to promote, engage and build customer relationships. 

Video is one of the most widely consumed forms of content on the internet with over 3 billion users consuming video a year(1). In 2022 video will bring in 82% of global internet traffic(2) with 66% more qualified leads per year(3). But why is it so well received?

Many consumers prefer video content. It’s usually quicker to watch a ‘how to’ video rather than reading detailed instructions, and with visuals and audio as well as text, they can be much more engaging. 

Much like other forms of marketing, there has been a lot of research on effective video marketing, from small changes such as the font used, to crucial features such as the length of the video. But one thing is certain: video marketing is here to stay.  

Healthcare video marketing editing

Effective marketing comes from relationship building, emotional connection and relatability. With video you have so many opportunities to do this whether it be through music, wording, transitions and the footage itself. If you were told to think of an advert, chances are the first one that’ll spring to mind will be one you connected with on a deep, human, emotional level.  

Here’s just a few of the different forms of video content you can use to engage with your audience: 

Video content filming

With all the opportunities available it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so it’s important to define your goal. Start asking yourself questions: Who are my audience? How do I want them to feel and what actions do I want them to complete? What platform would work best for this content? What’s my key message? What tone and style will my audience identify with?  

If you believe video will shake up your marketing and help you make more meaningful connections, get in touch and we can get the ideas rolling. With our in-house motion graphic designer and creative content and design teams, there’s not much we can’t do! 





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