Friday Fun Days

Melanie Charles
Melanie Charles
24 Jul 2020
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Almost exactly 4 months after the UK was sent into lockdown in March, you can’t move for articles and advice on coping with the burnout associated with juggling careers, home-schooling, caring responsibilities and every other aspect of life. All from home. All at the same time.

Across pharma and healthcare, teams have had to pivot or rapidly advance their digital solutions in the wake of the pandemic. The earthware team has worked with them throughout, continuing to deliver innovative projects that solve healthcare problems.

Some of these have been in direct response to the pandemic such as our chatbots for charity offer, which saw us launch a chatbot for NRAS for free, and the timely launch of the new online safety care plan for PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide. Friday Fun Day So, for the team that made that possible ... it’s time to give something back. As well as wellness plans for every member of the team, daily catchups over a cuppa and monthly online socials, for the next 6 weeks, the earthware team will be clocking off at 3pm every Friday armed with just one remit – ‘use the time however you wish. But, absolutely no work!

We’ll ensure there is someone here for our clients, of course, but you’ll find the rest of the team out walking their dogs, spending time with their families, taking afternoon naps, having a glass of 'fizz', or binge-watching box sets on Netflix ... whatever it takes to rest, recharge and re-energise.

Have a great weekend everyone - we'll see you next week!

Fun Day Friday

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