Geocode your photo, video or any collection using metadata

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
22 Jul 2013
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We’ve just completed an interesting project combining mapping with photos and videos. So if you have a massive digital library of photos that you’ve scanned or taken on a camera without GPS Positioning you can now help your customers search and filter them geographically, using MetaLoc.

So how does MetaLoc work?

MetaLoc scans your files’ metadata and picks out relevant terms which it then searches and refines to give as precise a map position as possible. You can control how accurately this is carried out, what the criteria are for geolocation. If you have specific knowledge for a particular image you can adjust the geolocation manually if required.

MetaLoc would work on any collection of files with metadata and geographical context, not just video or photos i.e. news articles, museum collections.

Where possible (and relevant), the location is found in Wikipedia and important keywords are added to the metadata (including the link to the Wikipedia article).


The geocoding results are presented in a mapping interface, allowing easy interaction, language independence and simple integration into your website. MetaLoc does not touch your assets or other aspects of your search system and is completely hosted for you.

MetaLoc automatically geotags the assets in your collection.
If you’d like to know more then please contact or check it out on
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