GoLearnTo website design gets an update

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
7 Mar 2011
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The award winning GoLearnTo website has had a design update recently and we think it looks great – even if we do say so ourselves!Screenshot_GoLearnToNew

After some market research GoLearnTo decided that their website needed to be more focused on their target demographic. In addition they wanted to widen the site from 800 pixels wide to 1024 pixels wide, considering that now less than 1% of people use 800x600 displays. Yes, that’s less than 1%!

See more information about browser display statistics.

There are now a  lot more jQuery effects, such as slider panels and more aesthetic and functional photo galleries. These kind of things are great as they give more information to the user as well as being relevant for search engines. They can also add a bit of flashiness to a site which a lot of people generally like!

Check it out and see what you think!

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