How and why digital platforms work most effectively for medical education

Camryn Whitney
Camryn Whitney
12 Jul 2023
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The Pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility to ensure medical education experiences offer real value to customers by genuinely considering needs and preferences.  


How should we provide medical education? 

No two people are the same, therefore no two people learn the same.  

To make your educational message resonate, consider the diverse needs of your audience. Tailor your content to varied learning styles, including visual, auditory, reading etc. 

Education must be on the go (digital) and bitesized. Healthcare Professionals are time poor and need learning that’s convenient, accessible, and valuable to them at the click of a button. 

Content needs to be on demand (can pause, play, rewind, search etc). Healthcare professionals have unpredictable schedules and regularly get interrupted. They need something that saves progress, something they can dive in and out of. 

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Why should we be providing medical education this way? 

66.2% of people have multiple preferences when it comes to their learning style. So, not only do different people have different learning styles, but each individual can also have multiple learning styles. Ensuring access to varied learning styles increases the value of your educational piece. 

77% of HCPs are using digital channels for learning and development – this figure clearly shows us that the use of digital is effective in meeting that ‘on the go’ need. It is accessible and convenient. 

52% of learning occurs at the point of need – the content needs to be easily accessible with little to no barriers once signed in. This means being on demand, being able to tailor what you see, move to specific time stamps, view specific questions etc. Otherwise, learners’ needs can’t be met, and you will lose engagement. 

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Lucky for you our incredible team know just how to create an effective digital educational platform. We work to understand your audience, your obstacles, and your goals. Ultimately pulling it all together to create a highly efficient medical education hub! 

Discuss with our team how we can work together to create an invaluable medical education experience tailored to you.,used%20single%20modality%20(8%25).

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