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Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
7 May 2010
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At The Technology Studio we don’t believe the work of creating a successful website that makes the most of digital marketing opportunities finishes when you sign off the delivered specification – that’s just the beginning.  We also don’t believe that you can outsource SEO to the next muppet who SPAM emails you with the email title “Guaranteed to get you to #1 in the Google search rankings” (if you ever get one of these use the delete key immediately – nobody can do this).

The Technology Studio believes that the best Search Engine Optimisation is a team effort between a client and their web developer or technology partner.  Many clients struggle to understand (or frankly get excited) about SEO and would dearly love to delegate (or more accurately abdicate) the hard work of getting to the top of Google Rankings to anyone other than themselves.  SEO and PPC (Pay per Click) are not exactly the sexy side of offline or online marketing!

At The Technology Studio we believe there are a lot of things a good web developer can do for SEO but that clients also have to take responsibility for a very important part of this – content.  Why?  Because it is very difficult for anyone outside the business to understand the business well enough to write a lot of compelling content (and frankly it is very expensive to outsource this to a PR/copy writer).  In addition, the client may write good copy for a human being to read but forgets that each page has two audiences – human beings (potential clients) and search engines (the way potential clients find the relevant page in the first place).

At the Technology Studio, we are always looking for ways to help our clients make the most of their websites.  We were recently approached by a new client who was struggling to write 110 pages of compelling content, including good key words and key phrases, about their properties dotted around the UK.  They asked us to help so we dumped everything they had into a file and created our own Keyword Density Tool.  The client was so delighted (it saved them days of work) that we decided to create a generic version and give it away (at least for a while anyway).

Click the ‘Keyword Density Tool’ link below to download our Keyword Density Tool and feel free to use it to write great keyword rich web copy for your website.  We only ask that if you are ever looking to find your next technology partner then you consider The Technology Studio. You can also see how we used the tool to write this blog article by downloading the ‘Keyword Density Tool with example’ from the link below to help you get started.

If you have any comments of questions or just want to let us know how you got on using the Keyword Density Tool then please do get in touch with us on 0845 642 9880 or email

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