Looking for developer ideally with web and / or mobile experience (located anywhere)

Gita Malinovksa
Gita Malinovksa
8 May 2015
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At The Technology Studio and our sister company Earthware, we don't really do job specs; they are usually too boring and read like a shopping list. We want to hear directly from talented and passionate developers who may not exactly fit what (we think) we are looking for. This is how we have hired some of our best people!

We started 8 years ago and have grown our team to around 15 people (including two full time remote workers) whilst maintaining the open and friendly culture that made us want to start a business in the first place. Based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, we try hard to break expectations of what a small development company outside of London can offer by working on exciting projects for clients from many different sectors including Microsoft, Skype, London 2012, TfL, MSD and a range of other brilliant companies that you may not have come across - yet!

We use a mix of web and mobile technologies including .NET, multiple JavaScript frameworks (that doesn't mean just jQuery) and Xamarin across an interesting mix of projects including websites, mobile apps and desktop applications. Ideally (don't let that put you off) you would be a mid or senior level developer with experience in these technologies and platforms but it's not absolutely essential as we want to find great developers who can demonstrate their flexibility and ability to learn new skills every day.

We are passionate about creating technology and innovation. Through hack days, our own product development, internships, proof of concept projects and user groups (check out we're working to develop that passion throughout our company as well as the local developer community. Sound interesting? Demonstrate to us your experience and passion by sending a CV, and more importantly examples of your work to:

Lastly, but importantly, we want to talk directly to you, not an agency. We believe you should be in control of your own career and that if that's important to you then you will be doing your own research. So please don't call or email if you are a recruiter - we are busy washing our hair.

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