Making more of your 3d building models

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
27 Jun 2008
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Here at Earthware we are always keen to drive more value from the VScapes 3d property modelling presentations, completed for our property development clients. So when we heard about the new web page exporter for Google's 3d modelling application Sketchup, we immediately saw its application to building projects.

The exporter is much more basic than the 3d model viewer from 3dVia we have previously shown on the blog but it has one advantage, you don't need to install anything extra to see the model its works in any normal web browser!

Its really easily to use and as you can see for yourself below its pretty effective.

To read more about using the Sketchup web exporter plugin see this video tutorial. The exporter is a beta release and we would love to see more functionality in future including 360 rotation and basic zooming, hopefully the best is yet to come!

This is just another way for our clients to present their building projects adding to the established Vscapes products including videos, Google Earth models and 3d PDFs.

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