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Eliana Reyes
Eliana Reyes
21 Oct 2019
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After spending my three undergraduate years (and my first three years in the UK!) in Norwich, this amazing city is all I’ve ever known of the UK. However, when earthware offered me a fascinating Account Executive role that would be based in the Newnham office rather than Norwich, I knew it was time to explore another part of the country.

This new role was very exciting because it would be based around project management. This included meetings with clients to discuss new and ongoing projects, pitching new ideas to clients, working with designers and developers to ensure the solution is delivered on-time and on-budget, invoicing and many other interesting tasks that would make my day-to-day job very varied and thus allowing me to learn a lot about different areas.

Last summer I did a marketing/business summer internship at earthware which I really enjoyed, so I wasn't nervous about meeting the team, it was actually great to see everyone again! However, I would move to a completely new city, and that was both scary and exciting for me.

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The packing…

Packing all the stuff I ended up accumulating over the last three years was the most tiring task. Getting empty boxes from convenience stores to pack the little, yet many, things I ended up having in my room, and going through the selection phase of what should and shouldn’t go with me took longer than packing my clothes and kitchenware. What do I need for this new job? Will my little uni scrabbles be needed? What about the pens, mugs and other freebies I got given? Most certainly not! I decided to only bring the essentials, and most importantly, my laptop and a bag full of confidence!


The journey…

The journey is always the time when I have the realisation of what is waiting for me and think about all the beautiful places and people I left behind. I start thinking about the interesting adventure I am about to jump into and questioning about the unknown.

Thankfully, Lauren and Natalie made my moving in experience a lot easier and clarified all my questions. I was provided with accommodation for the first 3 months (in Anthony's annex!), and they confirmed what I needed to bring with me, how I would get to work, and what I would be doing in the first week of work. However questions were still popping in my head – What’s the town going to be like? Where is the nearest supermarket, gym, shops…? I would have fun figuring everything out and exploring my surroundings.

Moving in…

I loved the little apartment I moved in to. It is a modern studio apartment and felt very nice and cosy. I spent the first two days unpacking, exploring the neighbourhood and preparing to start work!


Finally, the places…

Norwich and Newnham are very different places, and my lifestyle will vary a lot. I loved living in Norwich, where I could get everywhere by walking or getting the bus. Here in Newnham, going to work by car, or potentially by bike in the future, is more convenient as the office is not as accessible. Being just a 30 min train journey away from London is a great perk though!

I have only been here a few weeks so I still have a lot to explore but so far I love being at earthware and working in a beautiful countryside office.

Norwich and Newnham

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