My experience as an earthware apprentice

Chris Beldam
Chris Beldam
31 Mar 2017
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Before becoming an apprentice at earthware I tried the traditional university experience. I went to study Computer Science but found I didn’t suit the style of learning. Having someone talking for hours without much practical engagement bored me senseless! So, I decided to try and find something more practical which led me to earthware.

Whilst searching I had been trying to learn skills which would be relevant to my apprenticeship if accepted e.g. HTML/CSS/JavaScript which are very different to what I had been doing in C++. I was invited for an interview at earthware shortly after. In the interview with Brian, I was asked to complete the Fizz Buzz challenge which I decided to do in C++ (much to Brian’s surprise). A few days later I was offered the role of earthware’s apprentice developer!

Before my first day I was concerned about whether I would understand enough programming to be effective, especially seeing as I had only been programming for 8 months. I soon realised there was no need to worry, everyone has been extremely friendly although they don't hold back their opinions (which I like)! Anytime I need help with programming I know I can go to any one of the developers and they’ll be happy to explain it to me. The fact that all the development team have their own preferences is extremely useful for picking up tips for specific areas.

As an apprentice, I’ve been given a wide variety of work to do alongside my qualifications which includes tasks such as: Setting up new user accounts, rebuilding and upgrading computers, installing specific user software and more. I’ve also been working as part of the teams on some web development projects. The fact the earthware have allowed me to go straight into projects has allowed me to progress my skills much more effectively as they are being tested in a real-world environment.


I’ve mainly been learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#, but have been branching out and learning other essential skills such as Git, Command Line Tasks, SCSS and more. earthware has also taught me useful personal skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Working at earthware has allowed me to learn skills practically on the job which has let me to progress much quicker than I did in the 8 months I was at university. The best thing about working at earthware is that while I am working and learning we have fun! Everyone works better when you can have fun at the same time. I also like the interesting projects that I get to be a part of, which make a real difference to people's lives. Sadly I am now leaving earthware but the skills they have taught me will allow me to progress in my career as a web developer, it's been a great experience!

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