New Google Earth 4 Beta released

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
11 Jul 2006
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Google have released an updated beta to Google Earth for mac, windows and linux.

The new version has these fixes:

  • Language selection can now be done from the Options/Preferences under the "General" tab. Choices are English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
  • You can now choose which way the mouse-wheel zooms under the "Navigation" tab in the options (hurray!)
  • Improved memory management, does not require as much memory
  • Automatic setting of memory cache based on machine RAM (improves performance)
  • Fix to a problem where search/layer/places panes were missing if you had them turned off in GE 3 (I had that problem with my Mac version)
You can see more details about the new beta at the Google Earth 4 Beta Page. The new beta supports lots of great features like 3D textured buildings, which we will be offering as a solution for Architectural Projects and property developers to show planned buildings. Imagine showing your new housing project in google earth with all the surrounding satellite imagery!
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