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Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
12 Feb 2009
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The head does what the head is designed to do whilst a leg does what a leg is designed to do, but they both work together (with other parts!) to form a whole body that functions.

This maybe a slightly random analogy to use to explain the launch of the Technology Studio, but let me explain.

The Technology StudioEarthware (the head) was launched back in January 2007 with the aim of using the latest web based mapping technology to bring their clients products and services to life. Seeing the success the mapping had in achieving this we came to see the additional benefits of using the latest web development technologies to create a complete website that would further ensure that the clients services are brought to life and attractive to customers (the arm). The two parts have been happily working independently, and together, for some time and have both shown great successes under the overall branding of Earthware.

However, we believe that now is the time for the ‘head’ and the ‘arm’ to be recognised under their own names. Earthware will continue to be the brand name for the interactive mapping and will be the registered company name under which the web site development will operate, however, the web development will be known under its own branding name of The Technology Studio.

What makes The Technology Studio unique?

The Technology Studio’s web developers have many years of experience in designing, planning and building websites. Therefore, we have a comprehensive understanding of how a website should be designed and built to make it perform well, as well as of the processes we, and you, need to go through.

With all this then put into practice you will sign off the final site with a satisfied smile on your face knowing that you have a site that you, and we, are proud of; one which attracts and converts customers and one which hasn’t caused you, or us, any sleepless nights during the development process.

In order that we can make this happen for you:

  1. We refuse to quote you for a website straight off - We will only put a quote together for once we, or another developer, have created a schematic or wireframe of the proposed site. We believe that it is only then that we are able to accurately estimate the time and cost involved in building your site.
  2. You get what you pay for - Our schematics mean that the website spec is so detailed from the beginning of the build that you and we understand exactly what the requirements, costs, timings and expectations are, meaning that there will be no nasty surprises for either party along the way.
  3. We don’t spend your money unless it makes you money - If we do cannot see how you will generate a financial return after spending money on us we will persuade you not to spend money on us.
  4. We are in it for the long term - Sorry, once you’ve got us, you can’t get rid of us! We aim to get intimately involved in our client’s business and always challenge ourselves on how we can help them make money. If we see something that will benefit you, we will let you know.
  5. You can call any of our clients - We could tell you what we want working with us to be like but only our clients can say what it is actually like. Therefore, we will send you our clients contact details (they have agreed to this!) so you can have a chat with them about their experiences of working with us.

What Does The Technology Studio Actually Do?

For a complete idea of what we do and to see some examples please visit The Technology Studio website, but in the mean time here’s a taster:

For more information about any of these services or The Technology Studio, please contact us and to find out about Earthware’s mapping solutions contact them here.

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