Using Interactive Visual Media: Part 1 - 3d Virtual Tour Videos

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
29 Apr 2009
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The great thing about maps and I expect a reason why they are fast becoming the ‘must have’ thing in a website, is that they present information in a visually stimulating format and allow the user to interact with that information. Take Street Level View’s for an example whether you love it or loathe it, it allows you to interact with a location – you choose where to go and what to look at.

Over the next few days I will be introducing you to some other multimedia concepts that we have been working on, that can be used independently or with mapping, to give another way to display information in a visual and interactive format.

We kick off today with...

3d Virtual Tour Videos

Virtual tours are a great way to communicate a route, whether that’s a bike race, a 10km run or a travel itinerary. Using Google Earth imagery we display locations in three dimensional visual representations, giving an indication of inclines and distances, as well as picturesque views. Add information such as existing photos, videos and locality information to this by embedding it into the imagery and the user is able to really understand a location either as they navigate around on their own, or watching the animations as a video.

There are a number of ways you can use the finished product. For example:

· Embed it into a webpage as a live Google Earth animation. The user can now browse the route without needing to have Google Earth installed and open.

· Send it to customers/contacts in an email

· Add it to DVD marketing materials

· Display it on a screen such as in TV advertising or a one off broadcast or at a trade show or exhibition

For more information about 3d virtual tours, please contact Earthware

Tomorrow... Advanced interactive mapping.

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