Using Interactive Visual Media: Part 2 - Advanced Interactive Mapping

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
30 Apr 2009
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Continuing on from yesterdays post we come to advanced interactive mapping.

You may have seen last year’s Tour de France had live GPS tracking on some riders with real time maps updating on their website and at the event on large screens showing each riders current position. The maps on the website were also used after the event by both the riders and the public to play the routes back to inform training and just for interest. This is one way of using advanced interactive mapping. During the event people are able to see and understand what is happening from anywhere in the world, whilst afterwards the data can be used to evaluate performance and inform future events.

This kind of application uses a combination of mobile phone GPS technology which tracks your position using satellite technology, interactive mapping on which to display the data in a visual and understandable format and custom software for displaying the maps on large screens at events. The technology is also cost effective: once it has been created, you can use it again and again at any event.

For more information about interactive mapping and advanced interactive mapping, please contact Earthware.

Tomorrow... Street level view imagery

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