Using Interactive Visual Media: Part 3 - Street Level View Imagery

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
1 May 2009
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Last October we worked with an imagery partner to release Street Level View imagery of London in one of our client’s sites, five months before Google launched Street View.

Our partner will take the pictures for a small area, route or for a whole city as is requested. They will edit them for privacy concerns and then we can add them to our interactive maps adding a new visual representation of a location. The images can be taken before an event to show the route/area or can be taken as the event is taking place to allow the participants to see themselves. The images can be embedded into maps along with local area information and important landmarks for the user to navigate through, or we can create a video of it.

View central London in Street Level View for an example of the imagery.

Read more about Street Level View or for more information contact Earthware.

Tomorrow... Social Media Mapping

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