Using Interactive Visual Media: Part 4 - Social Media Mapping

Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
2 May 2009
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Using the latest technology from Microsoft we can plot live written information on a map. I expect you have now at least by now heard of Twitter. At the recent G20 protests in London, many people were communicating with each other via Twitter to share things such as which roads were open, where not to venture and even the location of public toilets.

We have been working on a demo which uses Microsoft’s latest mapping technology to integrate mapping with twitter to allow people to tweet their message and location and plot these on a map to show thoughts and details on a specific topic/event, for an international company, or for global issues. Here is a demo app we created that was used by Microsoft in the launch event for their new mapping product. It shows you the kind of things you can do with animation and mapping.

Contact Earthware for more information about social media mapping.

This isn’t the end of our playing and development, there are a couple more ways that we can help you can to use visual media to market your services on the way but these are still hush hush. Watch this space as we will be announcing them in the coming weeks.

Any of the concepts which I have introduced over the past few days can be used in combination with each other to generate a very rich interactive experience. For more information about social media mapping or any of our other marketing tools contact Earthware.

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