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Shazi Parast
Shazi Parast
14 Jun 2022
Video designer working

At earthware, we have just launched our Video content service and can’t wait for our clients to explore a whole new world of customer connection. But what can video really do for healthcare and for you? In this article, our Director of Strategy and Communications, Richard Long and our new Motion Graphics Designer, Matt Willcox, explore the opportunities and explain why video is here to stay.

The power of video storytelling

It’s no secret video storytelling is a remarkably powerful tool. It captivates attention and enhances understanding in a way no other type of creative content can. You can do all sorts with it in healthcare. Whether you want to bring to life the features of your product or device, visualise data, amplify patient voices and experiences, or explore expert opinion on important issues in your therapy area. The possibilities are endless.   

It’s what healthcare professionals are asking for

Today, healthcare professionals (HCPs) expect valuable, educational resources that are available 24/7. Just like the rest of us, really. What’s more, in recent studies, there's evidence that 95% of HCPs said they want bite-sized content. Let’s face it, we’re all pretty used to Netflix-style, on-demand content these days. Our HCPs are no different.   

We need to engage our HCP in a way that suits them, and video is perfectly placed to deliver on this.  

Healthcare professional watching video

Video enhances customer interactions   

Beyond being a highly shareable type of content, video makes your communication both compelling and memorable, enhancing the interactions you have with customers. Also, you can easily embed video in digital content. Anywhere from e-Learning to banner ads.  

Here’s what Richard Long has to say about why healthcare professionals resonate with video: 

“On-demand video content is a great way to introduce HCPs to your product or device. They can explore what’s new in their speciality, compare and contrast treatment X over Y, and then see how treatment can be applied to make patients’ lives better. Expert-led learning has been and always will be the HCP preferred method of learning in today’s smartphone-filled world. Video drives understanding with webinars, expert panels, virtual and hybrid symposia, and other formats.” 

Any content can be made into a video. Whether it’s an exploration of a mode of action, a KOL discussion, training videos, live action, 2D and 3D character animations, or even Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. The possibilities are endless.  

Say hello to our new Motion Graphics Designer 

Matt Willcox, our latest, seasoned creative, speaks about his passion for video storytelling.   

But first, what sparked his interest in earthware? 

“It’s an exciting time to be joining the team. To bring our new service to clients and work on some creative projects. The diversity of the role really spoke to me at interview.” 

With a background in animation, he’s worked on everything from e-Learning to live-action ads on TV. To energise his work and always keep it relevant he explains how he stays on top of the latest trends and techniques entering the arena.  

“When I see something, a new technique, or anything that makes me ask myself, “How did you do that?!’, I do everything I can to find out how it was created. Animation is a bit like magic. Simply put, it’s lots of key frames and static images placed next to one another. But it has the ability to immerse your customers and take them into a new reality.” 

And when asked about his thoughts on the impact video can make in healthcare, Matt speaks about educating and informing audiences, “If you visualise how something can be beneficial to someone in the world, it’s going to resonate much more deeply than plain or flat text. A picture paints a thousand words.”  

At earthware, we turn healthcare problems inside out to find the solution that works. The one that will inspire meaningful behaviour change and help improve patient outcomes. 

If you’re interested to find out what we can do for you with our video content service, why not get in touch today.

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