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Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall
3 Aug 2012
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Here at The Technology Studio we like to play around with new technology, and imagine how it can be applied to make life easier, faster or more fun.  However... we have recently developed something that has split the team.

Imagine this; when a client (or anyone else) visits your office, by law (or through good practice) there are certain things that you should do, like explain where the fire exits and assembly points are, and where the toilets can be found.  However, most of the time this is not done and initial conversations focus on getting a drink, or how they are, and this (important) stuff gets neglected.

So here’s the idea; whilst you are getting a drink for your visitor, why don’t we get an electronic robot bunny (with revolving ears) to do the short briefing?  Would this be cool, a bit quirky, and give a visitor both important information and also a laugh at the same time?  Or would it be, as one of our team put it, “so NOT cool”?

To see what I mean, watch this short video:

Brian the Bunny Welcomes Visitors to The Technology Studio

Karotz photo by Rama & Musée Bolo (Own work). Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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