Welcome Grace and Adam!

Rachel Shelley
Rachel Shelley
3 Jul 2020
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Back in April we had the brand new experience of hiring a new member of the team during lockdown. Since then, we've been growing even more!

Last week we welcomed Grace Barrington, who joins us as a Junior Project Manager in our Client Excellence team. The timing of her arrival couldn’t have been any more perfect as it coincided with the launch of a pioneering service that she helped to develop when she was at earthware for an internship last year.

Alongside another intern, and supported by the rest of the earthware team, Grace developed the online safety plan which was launched this week by suicide charity, PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide.

"During my 2019 internship with earthware I was involved in the creation of PAPYRUS's new digital safety plan. I am thrilled that it has finally been launched and can begin to help vulnerable people. I am really excited to have now joined earthware in a full-time role and I'm looking forward to being involved in many more important and interesting projects!" - Grace

The previous week we welcomed another addition to our development team, Adam Halesworth. Despite not being able to meet any of the team in person, Adam has settled in wonderfully and has already written a blog on his first week at earthware.

"To call earthware a "company" is to do them a disservice. They're more like a family, or a gang of friends you play Dungeons & Dragons with. We're all in this together and while we may have different skills and personalities, we all have each other's back. earthware really does feel like a family and one that I'm very much excited, humbled and proud to be a part of." - Adam

So from all of the team, ‘Welcome Adam and welcome back Grace!’.

grace and adam

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